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A personal training company based in Haslemere, Surrey, The Sports Specialist  offers a comprehensive range of personal training services that are designed to enhance and maximise your fitness and sporting development, whatever your level of ability.

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personal training

Personal training at the Sports Specialist combines a wide range of training principles and up to date techniques to ensure focus, motivation and interest is continually maintained.


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optimal nutrition

What you eat and drink are vital to what you are, and what you may become. Optimum nutrition is about attaining a balance between the quality and quantity of the food you eat with the level of exercise or competition you perform.


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sports massage

When performed expertly, sports massage is a very useful therapy to reduce muscle tension and restore equilibrium to the muscular-skeletal system.


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advanced body conditioning

By understanding your sport or event we can design and teach training techniques that will help you address all the varying personal fitness components your sport requires.


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training schedule management

Training Schedule Management is about organising your training to enable you to optimise performance, reduce risk of injury and avoid the athlete’s nightmare - burn out!


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injury management

Here at the Sports Specialist, we offer expertise in the treatment and management of sporting injuries, including sprains, strains, back or neck problems, tennis elbow, sciatica, tendonitis and postural and work related problems


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Designed to strengthen and engage those muscles that fixate and stabilise the body, reducing risk of injury and improving posture.


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power plate

Power plates are unique state of the art devices that strengthen, massage and relax the body. A brief, yet intense personal training workout, the same as a full workout but in a fraction of the time.


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Offering nutrition, fitness and health advice for children aged 10-18 years.


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